MSS - Modular Sign System

The MSS Modular Sign System is a robust and flexible siging product that is suitable for all internal wayfinding requirements/ MSS has been widely specified for corporate and government headquarters buildings, schools, colleges and universities, museums, libraries and arts facilities, sports centres, healthcare facilities, law courts and retail environments.

The MSS is a simple assembly of strong, lightweight, extruded interchangeable aluminium profiles. The profiles have dovetails on one side, which slide together to form a complete sign. There is no backplate so signs can be double sided and remain only 6mm thick. Similarly signs can be extended or contracted by simply adding or removing profiles. The sign remains visually complete and securely fastened at all times.

MSS is secure, with no visible fastenings or fixings that could be undone. However once you know how, MSS is very easy to update by removing the a hidden locking strip that holds the profiles securely in place and sliding profiles on and off.

- The most flexible system on the
- More profiles and fixing options than
  any similar MSS
- Profiles held securely in place by
  integral dovetails
- Each profile can be independently
  replaced to change its message
- Signs are only 6mm thick, with no
  visible frames or fixings
- Signs can be single or double sided
  without affecting the thickness
- Any number of installation possibilities,
  including; wall or door mounted,
  suspended, projecting, desk mounted,
  partition mounted or freestanding
- The MSS incorporates a hidden,
  tamper-proof locking device
- No restrictions to the size of sign
- No special maintenance required

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